Day of the Dead Art Show

It will soon be that time of year again when the spirits of our lost loved ones will come back to visit us for one night–“El Dia de los Muertos” or the Day of the Dead. The Arts Coalition of Erie will be hosting a special art show this October 18th-November3nd for this wonderful Mexican holiday that celebrates life and death with colorful skeletons and altars dedicated to those who have passed on from this world.

One of our creative A.C.E. members, Laurie Anderson, will be hosting a “Day of the Dead” art show, with the hanging on October 18th.  The reception for this show will be held Saturday, November 1st which is the actual 1rst day of the traditional celebration, the day that honors the spirits of departed children or “angelitos.” November 2nd is the day that honors adult spirits.

Laurie plans to build an altar with pictures, objects and flowers to remember lost loved ones during the show and she may decorate the tall Mexican style plain white votive candles with pictures of art by famous artists who have passed.  She’s also thinking of holding a workshop on decorating those candles for the general public. Many of her ideas are still in the planning stages.

Laurie says ” I am also thinking of doing some sort of art workshop in early Oct., before the show hangs, maybe skeleton painting or shadow boxes with a skeleton scene would be a good subject, and then people who have made a painting or box could hopefully enter it in the “Day of the Dead” art show. “

 Follow Laurie’s planning ideas in the next few months to see what she has in mind for her “Day of the Dead” art show on Oct. 18th and make plans to come to the reception to see all the vibrant skeleton artwork on November 1st!