Peace Garden and Children’s Corner

Lorraine David Peace Garden

On August 10, 2013, The Arts Coalition of Erie held a celebration and rededication of the Lorraine David Peace Garden and new Children’s Corner added to the art center. The Peace Garden Pole and bench were moved from the Erie Community Library location back to its original location at the old Children’s Library, now known as, The Arts Coalition of Erie, located at 625 Pierce Street.

The Peace Garden was originally dedicated to Lorraine David who was responsible for developing the children’s center at the old library. Also surrounding the Garden Pole, are numerous stones, engraved by the children, with loving peace sayings. It is a nice place to walk down the sidewalk and read the peaceful words of the children…and stop into the art center to look at the diverse artwork of our many local artists.

The Arts Coalition of Erie has set aside an entire wall for the children of Erie to show their artwork in the Children’s Corner. It’s free to enter and we encourage all age groups, up to age 14, to enter any art they would like to see in the gallery.

Please call Gary Wetzbarger at 720-261-2562 or email him at to inquire about the Children’s Corner.